The NJTSS Early Reading App has been created at Rutgers University for a grant-funded project for 30 school districts in New Jersey.

Screenshot of DIBELS 8th Edition data in NJTSS Early Reading

It is used to automatically group students for reading intervention based on screening and diagnostic data.

Import Data

Screening data (e.g., DIBELS, easyCBM, etc.) can be imported or manually entered.

Automatic Grouping

Students are automatically grouped based on their data. Students can also be manually assigned to groups.

Private & Secure

The App is accessed only via password-protected logins. Student PII is not stored on our server. We only store unique ID numbers. Student names are associated with these ID numbers on your local browser and you and your school colleagues can connect to your Google Drive to seamlessly synch and view student names within the app for intervention grouping and planning.

Easily Get to Interventions

It's easy to go from data to intervention grouping. Simply upload data, click "Recommend Groups", and select interventions filtered for each group from a customizable library.

Individuals from participating school districts in New Jersey can sign up.